What We Did

Brand Strategy, Brand ID, Packaging, Digital Refresh & Content Creation


ONE Brands, previously known as Oh Yeah! Nutrition, was created in 2015 following the successful launch of the now iconic Birthday Cake flavor. As a darling of the specialty channel with limited to no ACV anywhere else, a disruptive design had the opportunity to really move the needle. Our challenge? To create a design the brand could anchor to, ONE that would bring new customers to the category, all without alienating the current base (a base trained in decades long category convention of unappealing food and sub-par packaging).

The ONE Bar x UNCOMMON rebrand brought a fresh aesthetic to a dated category and redefined what a protein bar could be. Through the use of modern design, bold color and an even bolder personality, we saw an opportunity to really raise the bar, pun intended. Paired with a new (and very indulgent) approach to food photography, ONE Bar became one of the fastest growing protein bars on the market. The coolest part? To date, our launch campaign recorded the highest ever click through rate (12%+) on Amazon's kindle fire tablet!