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Campaign created in collaboration with a Kennett Creative.

What We Did

Campaign Development, Brand Messaging & Content Creation

That Cinnamon Roll Swoll.

By the Fall of 2018, the brand was ready to take it to the next level. We had seen incredible success with our product centric campaigns, but it was time to add some humanity to the hardware. The solution? A fit-forward, flavor inspired moment that would rep the brand (and our personality). What started as a mostly OOH campaign shifted quickly to a complete digital effort, with video-led hustle on full blast.

Bringing an editorialized eye to the world of fitness, we embarked on a crazy colorful, fashion-forward, totally cheeky campaign that let everyone know it was time to indulge more and worry less. Because with ONE Brands, crushing cravings can be as guiltless as crushing the gym. So sure, pushups with a little pie? We’re down. Crunches with a side of cake? We’re in. It’s not cutting corners. It’s living your best life.

Be A Dough Getter

Be A Dough Getter