Unlocking Human Performance.


Will Ahmed, John Capodilupo, Aurelian Nicolae


Boston, MA



Know Yourself.

As humans, we wander through life with remarkably little information on how our bodies are performing. As WHOOP co-founder John Capodilupo used to say, “I can predict the weather next week, I know detailed health and performance metrics of my computer, but I don’t know when I’m going to get sick or how hard I should workout today.” Why WE you tired, sick, injured, fatigued? What sequence of actions (or lack thereof)

led to that state? Conversely, why are WE peaking physically, alert, primed… in the flow state? How can WE get back there? Stay there? We became inspired by a simple idea: Humans, especially athletes, could optimize their daily performance. Optimizing performance was not a random sequence of events and decisions, but rather a systematic approach to understanding our bodies.

Show us your strain.

Show us your strain.