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A mom & daughter on a mission to make snacking better for you (and ridiculously delicious).


Val Griffith, Breezy Griffith,Chrissy Haller & Lizzie Resta


Seattle, WA



It's good to be nuts.

Finally, a dark chocolate covered almond (or cashew) that's healthy and indulgent. Founded by a mom and daughter duo, Skinny Dipped offers a complete better-for-you, outrageously delicious snacking platform that's high in protein, low in sugar and full of fiber.

At Skinny Dipped, each bag is roasted to perfection, thinly dipped in artisan dark chocolate and finished with a dusting of incredible flavor. Skinny Dipped is where health and happiness meet. Balanced. Modern. Evolved... And Wildly Addictive!

We don't sugar coat,

We skinny dip!

We don't sugar coat, We skinny dip!