Once Upon a Farm

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As fresh as it gets without making it yourself.


Cassandra Curtis, Ari Raz, Jennifer Garner, John Foraker


San Diego, CA



Good stuff makes a good start.

Once Upon a Farm is refreshing the baby and kid food categories by introducing the first organic, cold-pressed foods for little ones, made with farm fresh whole fruits and veggies. Every ingredient used is sustainably grown, certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and can be traced right back to the source.

These unique farm-to-family blends for babies, toddlers and kids are made with the added magic of cold pressure (HPP) to lock in the nutrients, taste and texture of farm fresh ingredients, tickle taste buds and enchant tiny palates far and wide. So when you don't have time for the shopping, chopping, measuring and mixing, we've got you.

Healthy ever after

Healthy ever after