Kettle & Fire

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Making bone broth convenient, delicious, and nutritious.


Justin Mares & Nick Mares


Walnut, CA



Your daily dose of goodness.

Kettle & Fire was founded in 2014 after Justin and Nick Mares discovered that no company was providing shelf-stable, 100% grass-fed bone broth to consumers. Kettle & Fire's mission is to deliver the amazing benefits of bone broth to the world via superior taste, nutrition, and convenience. Committed to the highest of standards, Kettle & Fire's products are clean, versatile and delicious.

All of Kettle & Fire’s products start with humanely raised, grass-fed-and-finished beef or chicken bones, slow-simmered for 20+ hours to capture all the collagen, amino acids, and nutrients that make bones nature’s original superfood. Since launch, the company has expanded into several categories, including flavored broths, broth-infused soups, and broth-infused KETO soups.

Ingredients matter.

Ingredients matter.