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Once Upon A Farm came to us at a pivotal time in the brand’s trajectory. As a first mover in the fresh food for baby category, they had spent years focusing all of their efforts on winning with this very specific set of new moms. But new consumer insights, a deep dive on positioning and a push to radically transform their visual identity paved the way to a newly reborn Once Upon A Farm. Still organic, wholesome, cold-pressed and from the farm - but an OFarm 2.0 that was all grown up. The new mission? To become the next break-through, farm-to-fridge kids snacking platform - still appealing to mom and baby, but widening the reach to capture kiddos of all ages. Our new identity started with a fresh, always fun illustration style that brought our "farm" to life.

Vibrant ingredients, playful characters and a contemporary yet whimsical typography style led the way, while a disruptive but totally approachable personality helped the brand truly pop off shelf. With clearly defined benefits for mom, cool characters for kids and nutrition for the whole family - it was time to take our farm to the masses. We extended this new world across all brand touch points, online to IRL, website to in-store, and then wrapped it all up in a 360 campaign that included the brands first animated TV commercial.  Since relaunch, the brand has seen a significant lift in sales, increased velocities and awareness levels that continue to grow (along with tons of positive feedback from moms and kiddos across the country). 

Brand campaign video created in collaboration with BUCK.

Website refresh created in collaboration with Barrel.

Trusted by Parents,

Craved by Kiddos.

Trusted by Parents, Craved by Kiddos.